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Best British Cookery School Award Winner – School of Artisan Food

The School of Artisan Food is an award-winning charity, dedicated to enthusing and helping people from all walks of life to learn about healthy, sustainable and delicious food.

Offering a wide range of over 80 hands-on courses taught by world-class award-winning tutors, they will get you truly fired up about the art and business of sustainable artisan food production. From baking and patisserie to cheese-making and butchery; pie-making to brewing, preserving and pickling to foraging or ice cream making; their courses cater for all levels, whether you are a complete beginner or a professional.

The school has over 4,000 course participants each year from home brewers and bakers to heritage cheese makers; young people at local colleges to career-changers and industry experts.


Since its foundation, The School of Artisan Food has raised bursary money for its diploma students. Providing this subsidy to people who would otherwise not be able to afford the training is our core charitable purpose.

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